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The Warehouse NJ: my story

After spending years volunteering with various organizations like The Peace Corps, Bridges Outreach in Summit and The Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills, I realized that my favorite moments were when I had an opportunity to help others in need.  I learned there was a great opportunity to start a non-profit organization that would help individuals and families who have experienced homelessness transition into their new homes by providing them with furniture and household items.


The Warehouse NJ was founded in June 2019. 

It is a simple model, where we collect gently used furniture, decor and household items from the surrounding communities and store those items until they are ready to be used.  In the first year, we created relationships with many wonderful organizations (Bridges Outreach, Homeless Solutions, Sierra House, Isaiah House, Turning Point, Newark YMCA, International Rescue Committee, Family Connections, Home Care for You and Interfaith Food Pantry) who provide The Warehouse NJ with clients who are transitioning into new apartments. 

These families and individuals have been living in temporary housing for months/years and have been given a Section 8 voucher to move into a new apartment or home.  These people became homeless for various reasons: they lost their job, have mental illness or physical disabilities, are escaping an abusive household, are refugees, experienced a house fire, etc… and each deserve a chance to start again.  The Warehouse NJ helps them with just that. This organization works with these people once they are ready to move into their new space, often coming with only a few bags of clothing. 


We meet with each client, to assess their needs and space, encourage them to choose from the furniture and household items available and then arrange to move the items in to help transform their new space into a home.


To date, we have moved in hundreds of families all throughout New Jersey

Our desire is to get financial support to be able to continue this important work.  

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